There is nothing like curling up in your blanket on a cold winter day sipping tea, reading or watching a web series. (Stock photo)

Blanket rule for winter: What you need to be covered for the season

The market has multitude of choices: pick a blanket that will last long and is not cumbersome

Namrata Kohli | New Delhi

A cosy part of winter is getting under a blanket to sleep, read a book or sip tea. Picking a blanket needs thought, for what you choose must be warm, comfortable and last long.

The market for blankets, warmers and winter bed coverings is flush with options. According to Srikanth K N, director, OHL (Other Hard Lines),, “With the winter season setting in, sellers on have seen a significant demand for blankets and quilts across brands including Raymond Home, Spaces, and Solimo among others. It is interesting to note that customers on are shopping for electric blankets within the price range of Rs 1,900-Rs 2,900 and prefer cotton as a type of filler for dohars and microfibers for comforters.”

Cover story

Choose a blanket that’s about 10 per cent of your body weight and covers you fully without hanging far off the edge of your bed. A blanket dropping off the sides of your bed will be harder to move and cumbersome to fold and store.

Blankets come in wool, cotton, vellux or other material. Cotton blankets are of use in any weather; don’t cause allergies and are breathable. Wool keeps you warm in winters and is a soft fabric. It has moisture-wicking properties that keep the blanket dry. However, some wool can be itchy or feel rough. Vellux, commonly known as hotel blankets, has thin foam with plush nylon. These blankets are warm and easy to manage.

Polyester fabric blankets are easy to wash and will last without losing colour or shape. Microfiber blankets are made of synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon blend. Fleece, made from polyester fabric or cotton fabric, is light and warm. It is considered a good alternative to wool.

Choose cotton if you have sensitive skin and want breathable material. Microfiber is soft but less friendly for sensitive skin. Pick satin for a luxurious feel that’s great for dry skin and staying cool underneath.

“First, establish your need, if you need a very warm winter blanket or a light day blanket.

Based on this, choose the blanket you want to go for. Go the solid or self-design way. Prints restrict you to using the blankets only in a few settings. Try and get blankets that have some cotton content to them, not only polyester and acrylic. If you are choosing a blend of polyester and acrylic, make sure the acrylic content is more than 80%,” said Sachin Chauhan, director, Dialogues by Nirmals, a furnishings and home décor company.

Like blankets, there is a wide choice in winter bed coverings. A comforter is made from two large fabrics filled with warm material like feathers, cotton, or polyfill. A Duvet is similar to a comforter but it can be thicker, softer, and warmer. A quilt is made up of three layers: front, middle, and back. The top and bottom layers are made of fabric and the middle is the filling made of cotton, wool, or polyester. A microfiber blanket is a mixture of polyester, rayon, and nylon, making it smoother, softer, and cleaner than any other fabric. Cotton blankets are popular in homes as they are easy to carry, light and don’t cause allergies.

What’s trending

In the premium to luxury segment, people get quality fabrics and unique textures to pair with home decor and reflect their individual style. “While neutrals, white and pastels remain favourites of the season, there is an increased demand of bolder hues as well. Warm gold and curry tones along with earthy, copper hues can be seen trending, as consumers are more keen on trying everything they need to tie their space aesthetics together,” said Arun Garg, founder, Maishaa, a luxury home furnishing brand.

Staying home has made people particular about the choices they want to surround themselves with and experiment in bed furnishing. From bright gingham patterns on cool, crisp percale in warm, sunny weather to white bedding with hints of grey during winter months, people are using patterns to create a mood.

From a design perspective, how should you juxtapose your blanket with the bed and other bed furnishings? Choosing bed linens that are as comfortable as they look to you is the first step while making the bed. “Spread your favourite blanket evenly on top of the bed. Fold the excess of the top sheet back over the edge of the blanket. You can style the pillows above the duvet or they can be tucked underneath. Introduce colour and texture to your bedroom with a bedspread, or a throw as throws are a great way to style your beds, casually draped over the neatly tucked in bed linens, they can provide the statement look to your bedroom,” says Garg.

Go for that blanket that warms your body and comforts your soul.

Blanket brand Price (Rs)
Frati Home 22,500
Mora Spain 15,000-37,000
Pierre Cardin 25,000
Espirit home 10,000
D Decor 5,000-25,000
Maspar 15,000-30,000
Pluchi 8,000-11,000
Desenhista 18,000-43,000
Spread Spain 15,000- 25,000

Source: Business Standard

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