Covid Cure: Is Plasma Therapy the big find of the Century

A new plasma therapy along with a negative ion therapy claims to have cured Covid 19 patients within a short span of forty-eight hours. How far are we from nailing the solution in India

By Namrata Kohli
It’s called the Hyperion Plasma Treatment and has been administered successfully to over three thousand patients across China, Germany and UAE. This new treatment is proving to be far more effective than the conventional plasma treatment and is invented by a team of scientists from European Medical Association (EMA), together with Redcliffe Lifesciences and Sapio Analytics.
For some time now, doctors have been trying every anti-viral drug and antibiotic combination to treat the Coronavirus infected patients. They then moved towards a non-drug plasma therapy which simply put, uses the serum of plasma from a recovered individual which is then injected into the blood stream of an infected individual. Plasma therapy is nothing new, says Prof. Dr Amina Ather, part of the inventor team- “In Germany, where people do not get any vaccination, they get injected with plasma whenever they have severe infection. But we have combined the widely accepted concept of plasma treatment, with adjuvant negative ion therapy using a proprietary ionizer device and this combination seems to be working.”
The inventor team under the umbrella of EMA, comprises Dr. Ahmad Abdul aziz Al Jaziri from UAE along with Prof. Dr Amina Ather and Dr. Nayak S.V as lead research and clinical leader. According to r Jaziri, the lead inventor- “We have innovated an accessible treatment of COVID-19 which has already been applied in China and Germany with successful results. It is proving to be ten times more effective than conventional plasma therapy. The recovery rate of severe and acute patients is less than 48 hours.” Dr Jaziri has previously invented some medical devices, like for removing abdominal tumors in a non invasive way and clip applicator which was patented in Germany.
The group is in the process of seeking approvals from ICMR and other authorities in order to start off clinical trials in India. Science and technology have larger responsibility now than ever before to come out with solution, says Dheeraj Jain, Founder, Redcliffe Life Sciences who adds that its still early days to comment on the pricing of this treatment. 
My Take:
We always thought that a doctor, a scientist had all the solutions. But this coronavirus has baffled the entire scientific/medical fraternity who have been struggling with every solution under the sun – from “trial and error” and “calculated risks” to a bouquet of drug and non-drug therapies. With more time, experience and as the research on the virus matures, we are slowly but surely inching towards the solution.
What will this cost to a layperson? How soon will this method be applicable? are few questions that need to be answered. Also as studies establish that the virus will continue to stay within the human body for six months, is this therapy to be used for second attacks and will it be successful in combating subsequent attack.
In this humanity’s war against Corona, the least we can do to help the health/medical fraternity/frontline soldiers who are at the forefront of this battle, is try and stay safe and not increase the numbers. Let’s stay united and stay indoors.

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