From Covid Positive to India Positive

Corona has slowly but surely changed the conversation from I, me, myself to we, us and ourselves, at least in our headspace after seeing the collateral damage that mankind has had to face. We should now know that only #TogetherWeCan

By Namrata Kohli

Who cares? I am good, so everything’s good. I give a damn to what others say, feel or act.. this self-indulgence, the self-absorbed attitude that we have harbored for the longest time about ‘my home’, ‘my family’, ‘my salary’, ‘my assets’, ‘my car’, ‘my bank balance’.. has been turned upon its head.

As you know, it’s no longer about your own food, your own clothes and your own house. It’s about us. Unless we feel for each other, fear for each other, our heart beats for each other- no one can save us.

The pandemic period has illustrated how we are all connected to each other, and now we understand the meaning of collateral damage- how we all have had to pay the price of mistakes of mankind. By the same logic, collateral benefits will also come if even fifty percent of the people on this planet did the right things. We need to be invested in the right values, beliefs and attitude. If I am super rich then glazing out of my glass walls and ivory towers or buying a jet and making a palace of a home will not reign in happiness to me or family in the long term. So what will – helping others, improving their state because sooner or later, that will have an impact on me. Let’s realise that the world is in a far greater mess than ever before, and the onus is on each one of us to set the house in order. Therefore, each of us have a certain obligation to our society.

Respect for each other, regard for other’s pain, be it human beings, for animals, plants and every species is required. Its only our collective good which will save us otherwise just one virus can wipe out humanity as we have all seen with our own eyes. We need to align ourselves with forces of this universe, mother nature and peacefully co-exist; our disregard for earth, water, soil, universe has brought in disharmony and unnatural deaths.

How can we heal as a society? There is a collective grief and only collective good can lead to collective healing. We must understand the concept of shared humanity, going beyond our mandate, extending help in whatever, whichever way that we possibly can. It has to be about collective consciousness. According to eminent psychiatrist Dr Samir Parikh, “Everybody needs to come together to change the narrative – from despair, negativity to find some hope, resilience for each other, help each other find their moments of positivity-that’s going to collectively help the mental status of society.”

We need to move from being a society of “takers” to being one of “givers”- to truly progress as a society. Why are we blaming the politicians? After all, they also come from amongst us. They

reflect the deterioration of society in general- they also belong to our breed of 21st century aspirational Indians and come with their own vested interests. Like it’s a mixed bag in civil society where some are looters, guzzlers of power while some honest people who work meticulously and give unconditionally, the politicians will also be a mixed bag. They are a microcosm of the macrocosm and a reflection of our society. We need to stop criticizing them as no matter however much any govt may do, it will still be less in comparison to our population of 130 crore Indians. Any effort is just a drop in the ocean- so let’s stop blaming the authorities and ask ourselves this question what have we done to make things any better. The onus is on us now.

Not just restricted to the Covid crisis, I believe that everyone has an obligation to society at all times, be it peace or war. If we are 130 crore Indians, we come with not just our rights but also responsibility. We need to lead by example, be the change we want to see, the world will become a better place to live in.

I love that hashtag #TogetherWeCan… in fact I will add “only” #TogetherWeCan.
United we stand, divided we fall.

On a parting note, let me share this quote I chanced upon on World Environment day but something we should live up each and everyday … “You are a guest. Leave this earth a little more beautiful, a little more human, a little more lovable, a little more fragrant, for those unknown guests who will be following you” -Anonymous

Finally, let’s remind ourselves, that the people on our planet are not standing in a line single file. Look closely. Everyone is really standing in a circle, holding hands. Whatever you give to the person standing next to you, it eventually comes back to you.

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