Namrata Kohli in conversation with Meena Ganesh, MD Portea Medical: Home Care

Home care: A game-changer in management of Covid-19

Avoid hospitals at every cost – that’s the general sentiment and mood of the moment in Corona times. Resultant, people have been smartly and sensibly investing into healthcare devices to manage their chronic problems, and keep crises at bay.

If you are a diabetic, there is every reason to buy a glucometer, if you haven’t bought it so far. Likewise for Blood Pressure Monitors and oximeter that measures the oxygen levels in your blood. Some patients with post covid residual inflammation, or those with comorbidities like COPD, Cardiac ailments, may require long term Oxygen therapy, or Non-Invasive ventilator support. What does one do when confronted by serious health issues? The answer comes in the name of home diagnostics. Meet the pioneer in home diagnostic space who is literally bringing the hospital home, Ms Meena Ganesh, MD and CEO, Portea Medical.

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