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Minding your language: How to use editing tools for better writing

They will make your everyday communication text error-free, crisp and professional

Namrata Kohli | New Delhi

Editing apps wage war on clichés, knock out errors, and bring clarity. The apps, mostly for foreign languages, are used for checking everyday business communication, writing personal letters or a Valentine’s Day love note.

A student or a company executive working hard on their college application and business pitch can use an editing tool to spot grammatical errors and flab in their writing. “There are many AI-driven writing assistant programmes: Ryter, Sonicwriter, ChatGPT, but my personal favourite is Quillbot. ChatGPT is good but it’s always down,” says Rohan Aggarwal, a Delhi resident who has to edit 25 stories daily for a project, referring to the Microsoft-backed OpenAI platform

“Let writers write and be creative. Give them free rein to go all out in their writing. As an editor you’re the sober second thought who takes what the writer created and brings it to life. As they say ‘write drunk, edit sober’,” says Manasi Roy, a journalist in Delhi.

Edit, assist

Grammarly is a popular app for checking English language text. “The good part is that Grammarly can help catch basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, and offers suggestions to improve the clarity and readability of writing. Grammarly’s tone detector can help identify the tone of writing and adjust it accordingly,” according to a report by TechSci Research, a market insights agency.

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“It also asks the user which writing style is preferred such as academic, business, creative, and casual, which can help tailor writing to the specific audience. Grammarly offers a free version that is useful for basic grammar checks, and a premium version that offers more advanced features such as plagiarism checks and suggestions for sentence structure and vocabulary,” said TechSci’s report.

Quillbot, Grammarly’s rival, assists users working on their writing skills. “I like the fact that it suggests synonyms for words to help users avoid repetition. Its Word Flipper feature helps users to flip the order of words in a sentence for more clarity and readability and QuillBot’s summarization feature can summarize long articles or paragraphs into shorter summaries,” says Manish Verma, a newspaper journalist in Delhi.

Rytr is popular with content creators, marketers, and businesses producing large amounts of content for blog posts, product descriptions, or social media. Rytr has templates that can be customised with a user’s brand voice and tone. It supports English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese languages and integrates with tools such as WordPress, Shopify, and HubSpot.
WriteSonic has templates for blog posts, ad copy, e-mail, and product description, helping users in writing headlines, product descriptions, and social media posts. It allows users to export their content in various formats, such as PDF, HTML, and plain text. The free trial plan includes unlimited characters per month, unlimited documents, access to all templates, team collaboration features, customer support, and custom branding.

“WriteSonic is my go-to app for creating marketing content. It can be used by anyone looking to create high-quality content quickly and easily. It is particularly useful for content marketers, bloggers, and social media managers who need to create a lot of content on a regular basis,” says Amit Rana, a 44 year old marketing professional with an FMCG company.
Ginger’s free version provides grammar and spell-check, as well as suggestions for improving sentence structure, phrasing, and style. “Ginger aims to improve written communications, develop English speaking skills and boost productivity. Occasional errors in its grammar and spell-checking suggestions and the lack of detailed explanations for suggested changes. Ginger Software uses AI algorithms to identify grammar and spelling errors in writing and provides suggestions for corrections. It has a translation feature that supports over 60 languages,” said the TechSci Research report.

NicheTech Computer Solutions runs an Indian language project called Indian Pride and individual apps for writing and reading in local languages named Hindi Pride, Gujarati Pride.

AI tools

ChatGPT generates text that reads like human writing, so it can assist in writing poems, stories, and essays. The AI tool can be used in customer support, content creation, and research. It can be integrated with applications such as chatbots, voice assistants, and virtual agents. It sometimes generates incorrect or biased responses and is cloud-based, so it may be subject to downtime or performance issues.

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Jasper, another AI tool like ChatGPT, has more than 50 templates to create different content types in 25 languages. It has add-ons like grammar checker, plagiarism tool, and SEO assistance. Users should test a bunch of apps before depending on one. CopyAI, for instance, may struggle to understand a particular piece of writing and it may be unsuitable for fast output. Frase IO offers tools to help users generate high-quality content quickly and efficiently. PepperType AI can be trained on specific styles and preferences, such as a brand’s tone of voice or a writer’s personal style.

“I do not exactly use such tools and the publishing industry still prefers human editing but I know that for writing, people are using ChatGPT. It has a lot of data. It can write a book for you,” says Aditi Chopra, an editorial consultant to publishing companies.

Writing and editing apps are no substitute for good writing and discretion. They are tools, not replacements.

Source: Business Standard https://www.business-standard.com/finance/personal-finance/minding-your-language-how-to-use-editing-tools-for-better-writing-123033100328_1.html

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