One crore Shivling rituals to take place in Kashi in November 2023, a Guinness World Record

Koti Parthiva Lingarchana”, highest ritual on Earth to be performed in Kashi in November this year

Namrata Kohli | New Delhi

Foundation of one crore Parthiva Shiv Linga is taking place in Kashi. The event called “Koti Parthiva Lingarchana”, will be attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and even the Vice President of America Kamala Harris is expected to come.

Every year 1.25 lakh Shivling rituals are performed in Kashi. But, for the first time, 1 crore Shivling rituals will happen in Kashi. This ceremony will be held under the banner of Sri Sri Sri Vijayanandanadha Guru Seva Samiti, a charitable trust from Hyderabad, Telangana. Sri Anil Kumar Joshi of Nikhil Chetana Kendram says that 1 crore Parthiv Shivlingarchan rituals have not happened anywhere so far on the planet earth. For the first time, from 19 to 27 November 2023, this ritual will be held at Chet Singh Fort located at Shivala Ghat. Preparation for this program has already begun.

Many Vedic Brahmins and scholars from pan India will participate in the ceremony. About 20,000 devotees including Sringeri Shankarayacharya Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Vidusekhara Bharathi Swamiji and Kanchi Shankaracharya Sri Sri Sri Vijayendra Saraswati Swami, Sri Anil Kumar Joshi of Nikhil Chetana Kendram and Nashik Kapildhara Ashram Guruji Sri Sri Sri Kalkiram Maharaj (Adinath Sampradaya) and other peetadheeswar will also participate.

Kashi is Avimukta which means, a city never forsaken by Lord Shiva. Mythology tells that it was at this place that lingam of Lord Shiva was established for the first time and worshipped on earth as the symbol of his perpetual presence. Also, as per the mythology, wherever Lord Shiva stepped on the location of Kashi, there one Shiv Lingodhbhav happened. It means wherever you dig a place in Kashi, you will find a Shiv Linga. Every Shiv Linga has a story and its own importance- so far Vishnu Linga, Bramha Linga and three Crore deity lingas have been excavated from Varanasi.

Sri. Tangirala Ramachandra Sai, the Founder President of Sri Sri Sri Vijayanandhanadha Guru Seva Samithi hails from Hyderabad and he has built a 108 feet temporary Shiv Linga in 2010. Also, he is a Trustee and General Secretary who established the Ashtadashabhuji Mahalakshmi temple at Hyderabad, and he says, “To create a buzz for all Hindus living on the earth of Bharat and also to inspire all the people, we need to perform this biggest ritual for making them understand the power of God.”

So far there are around 35 lakhs Parthiva Linga’s been prepared in 30 centers from twin Telugu States and South India as well. Sanjeev Sehgal, Additional Advocate General, Supreme Court of India and Sumit Swamy, President, All India NGO Association will attend the event as well.

Sri Sripanditharadhyula Amba Prasad, Organizing Secretary of this event, remarks, “In Kaliyug, those who perform Lingarchana for Parthiva Linga on daily basis will get good health, wealth, prosperity along with mukthi and moksha.”

Even Shri Ram invoked Shiva at many points of crisis. Says Dr. Venkata K Ganjam, Founder and CEO of GKPR media house and Founder of Vedic Consciousness Corporation – “Lord Rama worshipped a Parthiva ShivLinga to seek liberation from Bramha Hatya Pathakam, the sin of killing Ravana who was a Brahman.”

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