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Poem: What is more important-Journey or Destination?

Seeing life as a long train journey-
Through the windows drinking in the passing highway
scene of cars
In the night sky we come across the glittering stars;

On the hillside the cattle is grazing,
from a power plant where some smoke is raising;
and row upon row of maize and wheat,
of mountains and valleys where sunshine is sweet;

and city skylines and village huts,
But we are lost in our ifs and buts!

We are unmindful of these beautiful sights,
we ignore the passing scenes full of gaiety and delight;
For uppermost in our minds is the destination,
unfortunately its now every man’s infatuation.

Its now each human being who says,
that win I win the car race;
or when i have my own house,
when i have a good spouse; when i retire,
i shall live happily ever after,
when i get admission there would only be laughter and laughter

And when the wonderful dreams come true,
the pieces of life like a jigsaw puzzle will together screw.
But sooner or later we realise that there’s no station,
Life’s each moment in itself is a destination.

The station is merely a dream that outdistances us,
So, relish each moment, why make a fuss!
The true joy of life is the trip,
and you must enjoy it sip by sip.

Stop measuring the distance and pacing the aisles,
climb more mountains, go barefoot covering more miles.
Enjoy the moment, do not prolong..
live life as you go along.


(Poetry written way back in school and that is why my maiden name. The thoughts are still so relevant. Life needs to enjoyed sip by sip .. and there are moments that simply make life worth living which as Oprah W calls them in her autobiography as ‘aha’ moments)

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