Abraham Thomas, CEO Of Reliance Broadcast Network

Storytelling important for audio professionals: Reliance Broadcast CEO

“Storytelling is an extremely important strength that audio talent must have,” says audio entertainment specialist and media evangelist Abraham Thomas, CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd (RBN) which operates private FM brand BIG FM

Namrata Kohli | New Delhi

What is the most important attribute an audio professional must have in their voice in today’s day and age?

If you walk into a party, you will always find some individuals who have a bunch of people hanging around them. They just tell great stories. Storytelling is an extremely important attribute that the audio professional must have. It is the ability to articulate and make the story really evocative. The rest is what we can still train them in.

What are the basic voice skills that are expected out of radio professionals and anchors when employers like yourself go scouting for RJs?

Yes, it is important that you learn voice modulation because otherwise your voice will not last. If you are speaking from your throat, then it will eventually damage your throat. You have to speak from deep within. That is the training that you’re going to get. The voice needs to have clarity, and modulation to give various expressions. But I think we have stopped looking at audio professionals as voice artists. They are not voice artists anymore. They are content creators who also have a good voice and clarity in terms of speech.

Content creation, Voice, People Connect- what would you rate the highest and in which order?

The number one would be authentic, real, relatable content creation. So, content and connect are equally important. This would be my order in terms of how we find new talent and then try and train them. Technology is another very key factor. At every stage of your radio process, tech is playing some part, whether it is being used to write scripts or to increase recording quality or create advertisements or understanding audience interaction. I wouldn’t say tech savvy but at least not tech averse and someone willing to use these tools to create even better content. Voice and all are hygiene now.

How important is it for an audio professional to be video savvy?

Every podcast now comes with a video. It may be just a camera and two people talking but even that is a great visual. So video is a given even in audio content now. Suddenly content has become multi medium. So, if I give you the idea, then you should be able to adapt it suitably to short form content, long form content, audio, video, on ground content etc. All our RJs are actually local influencers. So when we are looking for someone in Gorakhpur, we are looking for someone who can connect with the audience of those parts of UP and be able to get engaged content and interact with the content. Ability to adapt your content to multiple mediums suitably is becoming the thing.

What about the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in audio?

We are indeed looking for people who use AI and technology to create better content or understand their audience better. This kind of analysis can help in connecting more and can tremendously enhance their output because now that information is available on what the audience is thinking, what is trending, how my content is being received etc. so we want talent to be able to use that to create better content.

Is imperfection the new perfection in audio medium too and does that cover voice also?

Imperfections make you relatable. So that’s what the audience is going after. That the person speaking is the guy next-door. You may not have the deepest baritone or the strongest voice but if your content is relatable and real people get attracted to it, then you are there. Today’s audience do not really want the high-end celebrity endorsers, the way they want influencers. Even though there still exists a space for celebrity endorsers as they break the clutter but from a content consumption point of view, relatability, ability to create engaging content is the first point that is required for somebody to connect and that is what we are also looking for. How authentic, how imperfect you are and how you can strike a chord and connect with the audience are deal makers. So, it’s about being real and that is the core strength for an audio professional today.

Source: Business Standard https://mybs.in/2dV4L9V

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