Spring water is healthy and has minerals that tap may not have. (File photo)

Branded and bottled: Why mineral water is the new good health trend

Namrata Kohli | New Delhi

Mineral water is the healthiest: It comes from natural underground reservoirs and springs and has a higher mineral content of calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

“If you believe your body is the most expensive real estate that you will ever own on the planet, then water should be the most valuable asset that you put into your body because 60 per cent of your body is made up of water,” says Ryan Fernando, a celebrity lifestyle and wellness coach whose clients include cricketer Virat Kohli and actor Aamir Khan, amongst others.

Fernando says mineral water helps high-performing individuals but otherwise “the entire human race should be actually drinking this kind of water because that is how evolution happened – “we drank from ponds, streams, springs, wells”. If you are an athlete or are in a profession that requires immense concentration for several hours of a day “then you need absolute performance and the highest quality of water for it,” he says.

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There are a wide variety of Indian and international brands in mineral water such as Kinley, Evocus, Himalayan Natural, Bailey, Bisleri Vedica, Evian, Qua, and San Pellegrino. Qua is marketed as pure, sodium-free mineral water from the Himalayan foothills. Evian, from France, is a natural mineral water. San Pellegrino, from Italy, is bottled at the source of the world-famous spring of San Pellegrino.

Another imported mineral water is Korean Jeju SamDaSoo. “This water is very good for a diabetic patient due to the presence of Vanadium. It helps in skin booster and the immunity system works pretty well if you drink this water. It helps in anti-aging as silica prevents arteriosclerosis and forms collagen preventing aging,” says Ekta Bhatia, managing director of IBC General Pvt Ltd, a company which imports Jeju SamDaSoo. The brand has been served at various international conferences, including the 2010 Seoul G20 Summit, the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, and the Jeju World Natural Preservation Congress.

Spring water flows through rocks and therefore is mineralized with minerals that are available in the rock or earth surfaces over which it flows. When we drink normal water in our taps these too come from the same sources, but then they are treated, pass through various pumps and filtration systems, and in our houses, they pass through reverse osmosis which may strip most of the minerals out of the water.  This results in water that is very clean but that may also be devoid of the natural resources of minerals that the human body requires.

The tap water at homes is stripped of nutrients and minerals, says Dr Sarthak Chakravarty, an Allergy Specialist. “If treated well and regulated properly, I would recommend tap water. Like internationally, people drink tap water directly unlike us, using RO water purifiers. However, in India tap water is not that pure. So spring water in India is safer and more valuable in regard to medicinal aspects. It contains natural salts and minerals.”

Pallavi Rao, a sports nutritionist in Bengaluru, says mineral water balances pH in the body. Bottled spring water keeps the body balanced and it contains minerals beneficial for teeth and bones.

Water regime

There isn’t a wrong or right way to drink water but “sipping water consistently throughout the day is preferable to gulping large quantities at once,” says Jashan Vij, a health coach. Personal needs vary, but a general guideline is around eight 8-ounce glasses daily. Factors like climate, activity level, and health influence the ideal amount. Drinking more than your kidneys can process may cause water intoxication. Overall, listen to your body’s signals, stay adequately hydrated, and adjust intake based on your lifestyle and health considerations.

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Which are the best brands in bottled water? Says Vij, “Bottled water typically contains no additional nutrients; it’s intended to be pure and free of additives. The choice of the best bottled water brand depends on personal preferences and water source preferences. Brands like Bisleri, Kinley, Himalayan, Kingfisher, and Bailey are often praised for their purity and taste. Some prefer alkaline water brands like Qua for a higher pH.”

Some experts feel that alkaline water, for instance, is touted for its potential to neutralize acid in your bloodstream, while infused waters offer added flavours and nutrients. These often cater to niche markets and may not offer significant health benefits over regular water for the average person. Says Dr Siddhant Bhargava, a nutritional expert and co-founder of Food Darzee, a “healthy meals” delivery service, “In the market, you’ll find waters like alkaline, infused, and even ‘smart’ water, each with its claims. I’d say the best water to drink is clean and safe, regardless of its source. Both tap filtered and bottled waters have their pros and cons. While bottled water like mineral or spring water can offer additional minerals, tap filtered is eco-friendlier and more cost-effective. The key is to ensure the water is free from harmful contaminants. So, whether it’s tap filtered, mineral, spring, alkaline, or smart water, the healthiest choice is the one that keeps you hydrated and suits your lifestyle.”

One thing which needs to be checked is that water you drink should not be contaminated. “In countries like India, waterborne diseases are quite common due to unsafe and unhygienic conditions. Waterborne infections can occur either due to unhygienic storage or unhealthy dispensing methods,” says Dr Bhushan Bhole, senior consultant GI surgery and liver transplantation at PSRI Hospital in Delhi. “Hence, we (health experts) recommend RO-purified water or boiled water for regular drinking purposes. But while travelling outdoors or dining outside it may not be possible to carry water from home at all times hence it is advisable to drink bottled water. However, we do not recommend bottled water at home or regularly. Microplastic indigestion poses significant health hazards depending on the duration and quantity of exposure which obviously can be high if it is consumed regularly,” he says.

Hydration is often overlooked but is vital for overall health, so drinking an adequate amount of water daily is a must. Drinking water is an important part of life. In fact, you can live longer on just water (without food) than living on just food (without water). Many people do not drink enough water which is why it is so important to be careful about your water consumption. While most of our “diet changes” are limited only to food, high performers need to go a step further and examine the water that they drink.


Water Brand Price (Rs)
Qua Premium Water 500Ml 65
Booster Alkaline Drink 500 ml 75
Evian Natural Mineral Water 500Ml 150
San Pellegrino Natural Mineral Water 750Ml Bottle 375
Jeju SamDaSoo Natural Mineral Water 500Ml 140
Aava Naturally Alkaline Mineral Water 500ml 100
VARAHI Mizu Still Natural Mineral Water-500ml 70

Source: Market research

Source: Business Standard https://mybs.in/2dTXaq1

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