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Here’s how you can put your personality on the wall using wallpapers

Your personal taste and style preferences play a significant role in deciding how to dress up your wall

Namrata Kohli | New Delhi

Wallpaper is an imprint of your personality on the wall, capturing your style and creating a vibe you want to make at your home. Be it colourful or neutral, patterned or abstract, textured or flat, geometric or floral, there are a million ways to add your signature to any space with a wallpaper.

“Wallpaper is art by the metre. The idea is to democratize art as we feel that Art should be affordable and available,” says Raseel Gujral Ansal, who recently showcased her latest Wallpaper collection, titled “Salt and Indigo”, portrayed the savage history and politics of the pre-independence era, at the Indian Design ID at NSIC grounds, Okhla New Delhi. She adds that when you look at aesthetically done walls and live in an artful environment, it has such a positive impact on your mind and senses. “You can use one panel or two panels or all the panels as you like. You can imagine them in a powder room, by the staircase- the question is where does your imagination take you,” says Ansal. The wall murals are available from Rs 15,000 per panel to Rs 30,000 per panel (where the panel height is 10 feet and width 3 feet 6 inches, approx 35 sq ft).

From blurry-edged Ikat for minimalist design lovers to daunting maximalist pichwai designs on the wall that fill the onlooker with a pump of energy to the happy Summer Garden theme wallpaper that would bathe your room with blooms and sunlight to the royal Palace Bagh wallpaper that recreates the opulence and grandeur of the bygone era – you can create any vibe in your home with the choice of wallpaper. “When it’s a wallpaper with a storyline, we call it a wall mural,” says Neha Jain, Co-Founder at Space of Joy, a Mumbai-based premium surface decor company Space of Joy, a home décor company that designs with embroidery, embellishments, prints, even gold leafing and bespoke designs for wall coverings. She shares that she recently did a child’s room where the mother wanted to create a fairy experience for her daughter. So, they added two fairies on her wall with actual ballerina skirts in fabric, and these were put on the wall in a way that the child could remove the skirt, wear it herself and make her doll wear it. Says Neha Jain, “Design is always made to demand based on the people living there, their thought process, desires and experiences. Our core principle is every time the resident is looking at the wall, s/he should be smiling. We want them to fall in love with their walls.”

Wallpaper: Put your personality on your wall

Premium and bespoke wall surface coverings are available at many places which include brands like Kalaakari Haath, Gulmohar Lane, Design by Metamorph, Dialogues by Nirmals and kid’s prints at Wallpaper Scissors, and Dolce Bambino.

The selection of wallpapers holds the power to reflect a homeowner’s personality and style. Therefore, it’s crucial to opt for prints, patterns, and textures that resonate with you on a long-term basis. “Prioritizing timeless choices over fleeting trends is recommended when crafting personal spaces.” says Shweta Mewara- Co-founder & Creative Director, Gulmohar Lane, Jaipur-based furniture and home décor company- “If you’re considering incorporating wallpaper into your decor, it’s advisable to select your wallpaper design first and then coordinate the rest of your interiors accordingly. We suggest creating a material board to compare your chosen wallpaper with wall shades, flooring, wooden tones, and rugs to ensure they complement each other seamlessly.”

Wallpapers tend to create the backdrop against which the story of the house unfolds. Take the case of a Portuguese Villa in Goa done by Studio Dashline, an architecture and design firm. Says the spokesperson from Studio Dashline- “In our project, House of East Wind, a villa in Goa, the heartbeat of the house was its fusion of the past with the present, a symphony where each note is carefully curated. Bright colours danced across the interiors, inspired by the coastal beauty that surrounded the villa. The wallpaper came on the bed back wall in the guest bedroom to create a tropical and calming backdrop.”

There are a few general guidelines and dos and don’ts to follow, such as avoiding rooms with high moisture content, like bathrooms and kitchens, unless they are water-resistant wallpapers. Avoid walls with direct sunlight as parts exposed may fade unevenly. Says Gulmohar Lane’s Mewara- “If you’re looking to utilize wallpaper while adhering to a tight budget, consider applying it to a smaller wall. This way, you can still achieve a significant impact while minimising costs. For living and dining spaces, we suggest selecting a wall that is prominently visible and has the potential to become a focal point. Avoid walls with planned TV and AC installations to maintain a clutter-free appearance. A lot of homeowners love to have wallpaper in their walk-in wardrobes, a place full of inspiration, especially for women! To have a wall reflect and capture their mood while dressing up is the ultimate choice. Nurseries provide an excellent opportunity to incorporate wallpapers, offering a simple yet effective method to infuse a child-friendly atmosphere. Consider adding wallpapers featuring floral motifs, fauna, or adorable animals to engage your toddler and enhance the space.

Bedrooms are a particularly great choice. Says Hardesh Chawla, Principal, Essentia Environments, Gurugram-based interior design company- “The right wallpaper can turn a bedroom into a calming retreat, promoting relaxation and creating a cosy atmosphere for a good night’s sleep. At the same time, don’t underestimate the power of a playful design in your powder room, bringing a unique flair. Even your home office can be revitalised with an inspiring textured wallpaper, fuelling your focus and creativity throughout the day. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules; the key is to choose a room that resonates with your desired mood and reflects its function. Consider the room’s function, opting for calming patterns in bedrooms and energetic ones in playrooms to set the desired mood. Express your individuality with bold choices that reflect your passions, whether it’s a whimsical scene in a child’s room or a calming seascape in the master bedroom.”

Let your existing decor guide you in choosing colours, patterns, or textures that complement your furniture and style. Smooth wallpapers, like polished marble, reflect light and create a clean, modern aesthetic, perfect for minimalist designs or smaller spaces. Textured wallpapers, such as embossed damask or woven fabric, add depth and dimension, hiding imperfections.

What is currently trending in terms of material for wallpapers? As more and more consumers move towards mindful choices, wallpapers made of eco-friendly and sustainable materials are in trend. Says Sachin Chauhan- Director, Dialogues by Nirmals, Delhi-based luxury interior fabric store- “When it comes to materials, we have wallpapers made of natural materials linen, silk, raffia, wood, and bamboo, as well as recycled materials; vinyl-based papers that are water-resistant and hence washable; high-performance faux leathers that are a good alternative to leather; wallcoverings made of high-performance and robust materials made of recycled fibres, the list is exhaustive.”

You can opt for companies that only do custom-designed wallpapers and work closely with their clients to develop a wallpaper they have envisioned. “Although we operate only online, we make sure to communicate very closely with our clients through calls, photographs and even video calls if required, where they share the details of their space so that we can suggest suitable wallpapers. Sometimes, the client shares reference images with us, and we develop a design based on their preferences.” Pooja Khanduja, Co-founder & Creative Director, Design by Metamorph, a Gurugram-based wallpaper company – “We use only premium imported media and inks to digitally print out wallpapers, and offer a choice of textured non-woven, canvas and even PVC coated. As long as the condition of the wall is good, with no dampness or seepage, and the glue is of good quality, the wallpapers last a lifetime.”

Can they be easily cleaned? Many of us think wallpapers come with high maintenance, but little do we know that wallpaper is very user friendly and can be maintained very easily without any hefty cost. The non-woven range of wallpapers can be dusted regularly with a microfiber duster that is readily available in the market. Whereas, if your wallpaper comes under the self-adhesive range, it can be easily cleaned with a mild, non-adhesive, moist cloth or sponge or a shampoo cloth. Says Mumbai-based 35-year-old homemaker Ashima Jain, “Our kids play and put their dirty hands near the wall. But even if it’s rice-and-dal-hand, I take a mild shampoo cloth, scrub it and clean it, and it just cleans in no time.”

Other Wall Coverings

However, while wallpapers do add visual interest to a room and require less maintenance or touch-ups, the installation might be tricky for some types. It is not always easy to change or remove, and it may look flat sometimes. Also, wallpaper in every room may not be a great idea. There are other options, such as wall paint, wall art, and wall panels, just to create differentiation between different rooms and areas.

Take the case of wall panelling. It adds dimension and texture to walls and beyond aesthetics, they can also serve as a practical solution to conceal imperfections on walls. Says Jitendra Singh, Director Wriver, a Gurugram-based luxury home furniture and décor store- “Wall panelling comes in different finishes such as we use a lot of metal, PU finishes, Veneer which gives a wooden feel and we can use fabric also and eco-leather for a formal backdrop. With the play of design, one can create an adventurous or simple or formal and elegant look in the room.” The price at a premium store like theirs starts upwards of Rs 2,500- 7,000 per sq ft and, depending upon design and use of finishes, can even go up to Rs 11,000 per sq ft, though the bestselling category is Rs 2,000-4,000 per sq ft. Professional installation may be necessary for certain panel types. On the flip side, these can be quite expensive and also limited in design options compared to wallpaper or wall art.

Wall paint remains a classic and versatile option for transforming spaces. With an extensive palette of colours and finishes, it allows for flexibility and adaptability. The simplicity of paint provides a canvas for creativity, making it easy to experiment with different hues and create unique effects. Think about the mood you want to evoke in the room and choose colours accordingly. Experiment with different paint finishes, such as matte or glossy, and to add texture and depth, multiple concrete and lime clay textures are used.

Finally, how does one decide which wall covering to use in which room? Consider the function of the room. For example, a relaxing bedroom might benefit from soothing wallpaper or wall art, while a high-traffic area like a hallway may be better suited for durable wall panels. Says Studio Dashline spokesperson – “When deciding between wallpaper, wall paint, wall art/mural, or wall panels, it’s crucial to strike a balance between personal taste and the practical aspects of each option. Consider the room’s purpose, your budget, and the longevity of the chosen treatment. Determine your budget for the project. Wall paint is generally the most budget-friendly option, while custom wall art or high-quality wallpaper can be more expensive. Choose a solution that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and complements the overall design of your home. Consider how long you plan to keep the chosen wall treatment. If you enjoy changing the look frequently, paint or removable wallpaper might be preferable.”

Ultimately, the decision rests on your vision of the space and the emotions you wish to evoke within it.


Your personal taste and style preferences play a significant role in deciding how to dress up your wall. You could have a painted accent wall with a mural, incorporate wall panels or wallpaper complementing your personality, or use simple wall paint. The price chart below gives an indicative price range:

Wall Covering Indicative Price Range (Rs/sq ft)
Wallpaper 175-2,000 till 5,000
Wall Paint 35-300 till 2,000
Wall Art 300-1,000 till 2,500
Wall Panel 250-3,000 till 7,000

Credits: Studio Dashline

Source: Business Standard

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