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Getaway in the greens: What it takes to plan and design a farmhouse

Namrata Kohli | New Delhi

It’s a space that allows you to go beyond the mundane and do everything from stargazing, bonfires, rain dance, board games, book reading, a dip in the pool. “Farms provide a haven where individuals can disconnect and return to their daily lives with a renewed sense of balance and clarity,” says Archana Dutta, a Midlife Coach and Founder SecondAct, who feels that her farmhouse in Sohna road not just makes a perfect getaway but helps in the process of self-discovery and becoming the better version of oneself. Her husband Gautam Datta invested Rs 10.5 crores in a 1.2 acre Farm near Westin Sohna and the place is used as a second home for the family plus they have listed it on AirBnB and also host experiential corporate offsites with activities and sessions such as Sound Healer, Crocheting Artist, live singing etc. “We were very apprehensive about opening the farm to others and wondered if people would spoil it, but to our surprise our guests showed utmost respect for the property. The whole space has started looking better – the caretakers are so much more excited because there is something happening. The overall paraphernalia around the farm is doing well simply because the farm is in use,” says Gautam Dutta, Co-CEO of PVR INOX Ltd and owner of RUMI Farms who says it was not about returns but being able to maintain the place. For the couple, Rumi farms is beyond a second home, and a place where they want to retire eventually, as this is only 45 minutes away from their current home in Gurugram.

Buying A Farmhouse

The first step is to identify where you want to buy a farmhouse. There are farmhouse belts in every city such as Delhi’s Rajokri, Chattarpur, Bijwasan and many more or Mumbai’s Lonavala, Alibaug, Karjat. Some of the top trending farmhouse micro markets include Nandi Hills, Solan, Sindhudurg, Goa, Chikkabullapur, Thalli, Sakleshwar, Ooty (see approximate cost in the Price chart below)

After you zero in on the location, there are a few things to check such as the agricultural land approvals of your farm and the title deed. Be sure that you have an undisputed legal ownership of the land and engage a lawyer to check that the titles are clear. Be aware that merely owning agricultural land doesn’t guarantee approvals and license for a farmhouse, or for any non-agricultural use. No construction is allowed, on any land, unless a valid license is granted under the building bylaws of any master plan. If a land is designated forest or uncultivable land, it doesn’t automatically qualify for development as a farmhouse. Every state has its governing laws for farmhouses and there is a distinction between farming and farmhouse activity. Your domain experts will help investigate the ‘determined Land Use.’ Also, do check the distance of the farmhouse from the city so that you can access all essential and emergency services. Since the cost is huge, consider insuring your property for covering risk.

“There are several locations in and around Delhi where farmhouses are available, but the most popular locations are Radhe Mohan Drive, Chattarpur and Bijwasan, says Amit Goyal, Managing Director, India Sotheby’s International Realty. “Primary reasons why HNI and UHNIs are drawn to farmhouses is the space they offer along with larger built-up areas. The space can be used for accommodating a swimming pool, a guest house, and its own organic farming of vegetables and fruits. Some pet proud owners also love the space for their pets. Most importantly, owning large land parcels helps with the succession plan for the next generation.” He adds that both primary and secondary markets offer farmhouses for sale, with some options of vacant plots available for those who want to build it on their own. Additionally, in the secondary market, there are ready-to-move-in, elegantly designed farmhouses, with modern style and amenities also available.

Private developers also do farms in gated communities. In the past DLF, Ansals, Vatika have done farmhouse projects and Raheja developers has just launched Riyasat Hills near sector 95B at Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon, with a minimum area of one acre (4,840 sq yd) onwards which come with a secure boundary wall, rainwater harvesting facilities, solar lights for sustainable energy use, 24×7 three-tier security, and independent electric meters with wiring. “Compared to general farm projects, Riyasat Hills stands out as a gated community, ensuring additional security and exclusivity for its residents. The gated concept enhances privacy, safety, and a sense of community living, distinguishing it from conventional farmhouse developments,” says Nayan Raheja, Raheja Developers. He says the response to Riyasat Hills’ farmhouse projects has been coming from high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) and non-resident Indians (NRIs).

Rentals and Farmstays

Farmhouses not only provide a personal resort-like holiday living experience but offer the flexibility to rent out these farmhouses on a seasonal basis further adds to their financial appeal. Weddings, social, corporate events and even farmstays are a big segment. Says Devendra Parulekar, Founder of SaffronStays (a network of private vacation homes), “Usually families with small kids and/ or senior citizens love farmhouses. This demand is rising, as parents wish to give their children wholesome earthy experiences and what could be better than Mother Nature herself when it comes to giving valuable learnings to kids. Majorly such farm stays are popular in various parts of Maharashtra like Kamshet, Mulshi, Panchgani and Nashik.” A farmstay is an opportunity to live a farm life and there is a lot of focus on introducing their children to the farm life.

“The only way we will remain relevant in today’s day and age when there has been an onslaught of technology, AI is our connection to roots, to languages and to our ‘gaon connection’,” said Neelesh Misra, storyteller, Bollywood lyricist and founder of Gaon Connection, India’s biggest rural media platform. He adds that he chose a school for his daughter where they could teach farming and where she can dirty her hands in mud. As someone said, there are two dangers in not owning a farm. One is the danger of our next generation supposing that breakfast comes from the grocery, and the other that heat comes from the furnace.

Farmstays encourage city dwellers to come and experience village life. Adds SaffronStays’ Parulekar, “We stress on giving the guests unique experiences like plucking veggies from Vegetable gardens, Farm to table experiences, tour of strawberry farms, plantation, local cuisine options, etc that gives one an experience and fun of farmlife.”

A well-maintained farmhouse in the right location, with the right marketing and branding can fetch handsome returns. A stay at a farmhouse booked on an aggregator platform like AirBnB would typically be upwards of Rs 30,000 per night. Wedding venues cost upwards of Rs 10 lakh per night and can go upto anything. A day’s outing at a farm ranges from Rs 1,000- Rs 1,500 per head and people come in large groups from families, schools, offices at places like Pratapgarh farms, Rangmanch farms etc.

How to Design Farmhouse

After you have bought a farmhouse, next comes how to do up a farmhouse. Key attributes of a farmhouse include a welcoming porch or balcony, often adorned with rocking chairs, potted plants, and charming railings, creating an inviting atmosphere. Even with limited space, careful attention to detail — such as unique railings, strategic greenery like vines and creepers, and thoughtful lighting — can encapsulate the farmhouse ambience. The blend of ethnic and contemporary interiors further amplifies this aesthetic, ensuring a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

“Crucially, the farmhouse essence isn’t solely dictated by size but by a consistent decor narrative that fosters a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, embracing the farmhouse’s historical warmth and allure. Therefore, while elements like gardens, pools, and swings can enhance the farmhouse experience, the cohesive design, inviting spaces, and the melding of old-world charm with modern comfort truly define a farmhouse’s essence,” says Zafar Masud Chaudhary, Founder & Principal Architect, Habitat Architects. Since farmhouses are designed to offer a respite from the busy schedule of our everyday lives, the material palette must be soothing and receptive to all the senses. In this context, details such as the fabric, texture, and sensual quality of materials and surfaces become crucial. Reclaimed wood, natural stone, like marble, granite or limestone, adds to a natural and earthy elegance which can be incorporated into statement pieces such as fireplaces or countertops. Even concrete, whether polished or textured, is an amazing material to work with. Its raw texture juxtaposes industrial aesthetics with the warmth of natural materials.

What is the trend in farmhouse briefs? Architects like Habitat’s Chaudhary say that the “current trend in farmhouse designs encompasses a fusion of rustic charm with modern elegance, blending nostalgia with contemporary comfort. While the traditional farmhouse resonates with simplicity and practicality, modern interpretations cater to varying preferences, offering a mix of industrial and heritage styles. Interestingly, despite its association with wealth in some cases, the essence of a farmhouse remains personalised, often incorporating salvaged materials and heirloom pieces.”

Ultimately a farmhouse is a harmonious dance between man and mother nature—a symphony of design that invites individuals to escape the routine and immerse in the life they want to live.



This is a table compiled by India Sotheby’s International Realty on key locations in Delhi NCR for farmhouses. The price of the farmhouses depends on factors such as location, type of property, age, and design. The circle rate is standard 53 lacs/ acre (agriculture land) the approx. market rates/ acre (in Rs. Crores) are mentioned adjoining to the locations.

 Micromarket  Price Approx. market rates/ acre (in Rs. Crores) 
DLF Chattarpur 38
Dera Mandi 10
Radhey Mohan Drive 35
Asola 9
Jonapur 25
Gadaipur 24
Bandh Road 25
Ansals Satbari Bhatti Mines 30
Ghitorni 30
Sultanpur 35
Westend Greens 45
Pushpanjali 25

Source: India Sotheby’s International Realty


Which are the top trending farmhouse micro markets pan India? Know more about farmhouse locations and ballpark cost of buying a farmhouse there

State Farmhouse Location Ballpark Cost (Rs)
Maharashtra Lonavala, Sindhudurg 25 lakhs- 2.5 Cr
Goa Goa 30 lakhs- 5 Cr
Karnataka Chikkabullapur, Thalli, Sakleshwar, Nandi Hills 60 lakhs-3 Cr
Tamil Nadu Ooty, Pondicherry 50 lakhs- 2.5 Cr
Delhi Rajokri, Chattarpur, Bijwasan 2.5 Cr- 12 Cr
Andhra Pradesh Vizag 45 lakhs – 1 Cr
Himachal Pradesh Solan 40 lakhs- 2 Cr

Credits: MagicBricks

Source: Business Standard https://www.business-standard.com/finance/personal-finance/getaway-in-the-greens-what-it-takes-to-plan-and-design-a-farmhouse-124011100192_1.html

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